Helen Walter, Ph.D.

Scientist, Educator & Underwater Enthusiast

Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, GA

Scientist & Educator

Research ServicePublicationsTeaching

I use interactive modalities in both digital and traditional classrooms to support student-centered learning. My teaching encourages critical thinking and participation. I am organized, detail-orientated and conscientious, and able to prioritize effectively to accomplish multiple objectives. 

Underwater Enthusiast

BSAC Advanced Diver (CMAS 3 star) and amateur underwater photographer


An Educational Journey

At Spring Break I lead students and staff members to Roatan, Honduras. While there we work with the Roatan Institute of Marine Sciences to learn about Marine Conservation.  I also post occasionally on a few other subjects such as teaching from the iPad and travel. 

Sunday: Back home

Our last morning started with Breakfast with Jen. We’d presented her with a Mills dive club hat and gave her the check for the reminder of the money we’d raised[…]

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Saturday: Boat diving, but not

This one is a little late. It was a busy few days 🙂 We started out with breakfast, which Jen joined us for briefly. Then it was time to hear[…]

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Friday: Coral Cleaning

Sorry for the lateness of this one. Sophie was unfortunately not feeling too well at the time. However, here’s our blog for the day: Today’s blog post is from Sophie[…]

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