If you found this site someone, possibly a student, referred you.

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Helen Walter, and I’m a Scuba addict. Ah yes, so much better! Honestly though, I am. I started diving in 1989 when my father and I went on a discover Scuba class in Crete, Greece. I rushed back to University where I was studying my Bachelors, and enrolled in the club, got certified and taught for a number of years before immersing myself in academia.

When Mills College decided to offer some Alternative Spring Breaks and asked faculty for ideas I never dreamed we’d get accepted. Yet here we are, a few short weeks away from our trip to Roatan!

As I can, while we’re in Roatan,  I’ll post updates about what we’re doing. So keep checking back for where we are!

Currently, we are preparing for our trip. For me that means planning out a lot of the academic and logistical pieces, iincluding getting all of our students certified to dive underwater!

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