College Administration

Mills College, Oakland, CA


  • Director, Hellman Summer Science and Math Fellows Program, 2007 – Present
  • Principle investigator, Student Understanding and Realizing Potential for Attaining Scientific Success (SURPASS) Program, 2016 – Present
  • Director, Pre-Nursing Program, 2017 – Present
  • Academic Director, General Electric Girls, 2016 – Present


  • Created an alternative Spring break to train and take students Scuba diving in Roatan, Honduras, to participate in Marine Conservation.
  • Created a new summer program for incoming first year STEM students to facilitate retention and persistence to graduation in STEM majors.
  • Improved retention to graduation of program attendees from 59% of Mills College’s overall four graduation rate to 80%, 74% of these students also completed STEM degrees.
  • Worked within budget, reduced by 40%, to recruit and support 12-16 students per year.
  • Manage hiring of faculty, student assistants, programmatic expenses, and scholarships with a $170K/annual budget.
  • Successfully modified programmatic elements to focus on current student needs, including integrating new Community Engaged Learning core curriculum component in the first year it was introduced.
  • Led institutional initiative to introduce iPads in the summer program. Developed strategies in regards to the flow of data from instructor to student, classroom teaching approaches, and engagement of students.
  • Responsible for securing funding to invite external speakers to participate in a Minority Women in STEM annual lecture series, as well as additional workshops focused on advocating for student success, retention and mentoring.
  • Mentored (past and present) 160 program participants from entrance to graduation, and in some cases beyond to Medical or Graduate School and employment.
  • Advocated (past and present) for student success and allocation of resources, including securing scholarship funding for 14 program participants for their full undergraduate education.
  • Participated in private fundraising ($600K awarded) and federal grant writing ($600K awarded)
  • Created and found corporate funding for a new summer Program for 7th grade girls interested in STEM, supporting a mission to increase awareness and accessibility of STEM from local, diverse school districts.
  • Helped bring GE Girls to the West Coast in collaboration with General Electric, San Ramon, CA.


  • Academic First Year Experience Director, 2016 – 2017
  • Co-Director, First Year Experience, 2014 – 2016
  • Center for Academic Excellence, Director, 2007 – 2014


  • Implemented and transformed the academic first-year activities to provide an integrated program that engaged students at the co-curricular and academic level.
  • Helped mentor faculty through First Year Seminar, improving the experience to boost student persistence.
  • Combined the newly created First Year Seminar into what is now the First year Experience.
  • Created and implemented a more efficient year-long planning process for future program directors, alleviating the administration and faculty from the time constraints of limited summer planning.
  • Restructured the First Year Experience to accommodate budget constraints, changing how our Living Communities work, and engaged faculty throughout the process.
  • Created, implemented and coordinated a First Year Experience for STEM Students.
  • Founded, created, and expanded the new Learning Resources Center, then later developed it into the Center for Academic Excellence, which integrates tutoring and writing support across the curriculum in addition to providing testing accommodations for students.
  • Secured institutional funding to provide computers for student use in the Center for Academic Excellence.
  • Created and expanded the Peer Tutoring training program to support undergraduate and graduate success.
  • Managed a significant number of individuals including faculty, graduate students, and 100 student tutors (the largest student hiring on campus).
  • Assisted with streamlining procedures for test taking, moving the college from relying on paper to an electronic format.
  • Wrote the qualifying material for the internationally recognized College Reading and Learning Association certification.
  • Managed a $35K/annual budget for tutoring and training.
  • Successfully restructured an overspent budget caused by two programs merging, while simultaneously maintaining the same number of tutoring services for students.
  • Coordinated facilities for operations, working with limited space on campus, but which resulted in a move to a much larger (from 2 to 19 offices) space.
  • Developed and documented policies and procedures while coordinated their implementation, which allowed for significant changes to be made in how students were hired and paid on campus.
  • Assisted with the successful Western Association of Schools and Colleges re-accreditation.