Final Preparations!

Final Preparations!

It’s the final countdown..

I’ll let those of us who remember the song hum along.

It’s Wednesday night. In three nights I will be at the airport with 15 students and 2 other staff members waiting on an airplane to Houston then Roatan.

I’m both excited to share my love of this underwater world with my students and colleagues, and equally terrified that I have forgotten something in the planning process. Still, I have three days left!!

This past Sunday, as well as doing our final open water certifications, we had our final logistical meeting. During this meeting we had presentations from the students on the community we will be visiting.

Amber shared with us the devastation that Hurricane Mitch had on the country in 1998, impact that is still seen today in the restoration of Honduran economic structure. Indeed, the loss was compounded further by 7000 known deaths!

A lesson in economics by Molly showed us how Honduras differs from America. We learnt that their major exports are bananas and coffee, including automobile wire harnessing – who knew! Molly also shared some of the impacts tourism is having.

Delaney shared with us some of the geography, including how the island was formed from the tectonic plates. It also has some large earthquakes, which will perhaps make some of our students feel like they haven’t left California. I was also fascinated to find that there are waterfalls and cliffs that are evidence of when the water level was lower.

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Bianna introduced us to the Lempira, the Honduran currency, the history behind it, and who was represented on each on the bank notes! As an Non-America I always like to see color on currency! It makes it so much more interesting!

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Honduran foods were the topic of two of our talks. Tina took us through the meals of the day, including Desayuno or breakfast. She also reminded us of  Sopa de caracol made famous by Pitbull and Banda Blanca. Also, about the differences in Nacatamal, a traditional Sunday or holiday food.

Lizbeth made all our mouths (I think!) water with the glory of Honduran deserts.  Including Pastel de tres leches, Horchata and Buñuelos. A heavily influenced cuisine of cinnamon and cream!

Masha introduced us to what Honduran’s do in their spare time. As with my home country, soccer is a prominent feature. Hondurans also appreciate being social with their friends and family, participating in fishing and beach activities. 

Last, but not least, Sophie introduced us to the complexity of Honduran music,  including some of the more contemporary artists like Guillermo Anderson, but also the traditional Punta and Garifuna.

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